Integral to successful installation

Recessed frames/ installation

Nuway matwell frames are available in aluminium and are designed to anchor into sand and cement screeds for secure site installation. All frames are custom built to fit specific site requirements, with curved shapes available to special order. Nuway frames are supplied in kit form for ease of transport, storage and on-site assembly.

Cleaning, maintenance And aftercare

Nuway entrance flooring systems effectively stop dirt from entering a building. To maintain optimum performance and for the warranty it is essential to regularly remove soiling to prevent the product from becoming saturated and lose its ability to perform. Detailed instructions are available on request.

Working with the market leader couldn’t be easier. Nuway offer a personal service for specifiers.

Infinite shaping options

Nuway products can be provided in all shapes and configurations. The Nuway team can work from a template provided in consultation with our national network of trained distributors.

Adding a personality

Nuway’s Tuftiguard systems can be personalised with copy, logos, crests and messages.

Intelligent Modularity

To maximise on capital outlay consideration should be given, in the planning stage, to the design of the mat layout. A symmetrical design enables the use of regular size modules, which may be interchanged to maximise wear without the overall appearance of the mat changing. For example the outer edge modules can be swapped with the centre section modules, which may have more traffic passing over them.

Configuration planning for multi-directional traffic

In large, multi-directional traffic installations optimise the performance with the flexibility of Nuway Modular tiles. These can be configured to enable interchangeability and reversibility, for return on investment and appearance retention.

Nuframe dimensional drawing

Ramped frames / Surface mounted installations

Internal and external ramp frames are supplied mitred. The surface is ribbed for enhanced grip.

Nuway T-Bars

Nuway T-Bars can be used to provide a surface mounted matwell frame, mitred and screwed to the existing floor surface where the adjoining floor covering is of sufficient thickness.

Nuway T-Bars also provide separation between modules to facilitate easy removal for cleaning, reversibility and as rib alignment is not possible in many installations.

Available in aluminium, brass or PVC. T-bars are automatically included in each order as required.

Site Preparation

The correct preparation is important to assure the durability and safety of Nuway products. Nuway Matting Systems are able to provide details of our approved network of trained distributors.

Matwell subfloors

These must be of sound construction, dry, smooth and level. Prior to installation the surface should be clean and free from contamination.

Internal applications

The screed should be flat and level to accommodate the depth of the chosen mat.

External applications

Again the screed should be flat and level to the depth of the frame and thought must be given to drainage.

NOTE: PVC is temperature sensitive. In areas where temperature may increase, such as in glass atriums, beneath hot air blowers, in sunlit facing areas or within heat curtains, please contact the Support Team on 1800 888 256 for advice on suitability.