Design and Specifications

Design and Specifications 2018-08-19T17:21:37+09:30

Carpets / Resilient Finishes
Entrance matting

Spectrum Nuway Matting Systems, 8 Selgar Ave,
Tonsley, South Australia 5042
Tel: 1300 786 585, Fax: 1300 786 587

Spectrum Nuway entrance flooring system Design /Classic / or Duragaurd (Select option)
Installed in format in accordance with manufacturers instructions.
Spectrum Nuway entrance flooring system of …………….. (and select)
thickness, scraper bars, module, and type of construction.

12mm Module 1 Closed

12mm Module 2 Closed

17mm Module 1 Closed

17mm Module 2 Closed

12mm Module 1 Semi-open

12mm Module 2 Semi-open

17mm Module 1 Semi-open

17mm Module 2 Semi-open